Get Up To £2,800

Website Funding in the North East

Website Funding Grant for Newcastle Upon Tyne & North East Businesses The North East Business Support Fund provides Website Funding grants of up to 35% towards business development projects costing between £3,000 and £8,000.


NEBSF and  Get Connected Logo can help if you need any of the following

 Specialties - Web Design/Development - Responsive Websites - Content Management Systems - eCommerce - Branding - Social Media Marketing - Advertising - Brochures and Leaflets

 Application Process

The application process is extremely straight forward and can be completed online with the following link.

All you have to do provide is your business details, budget and business projections.

After this NBSL will arrange a visit.

You will then request quotes from potential service providers and choose one to work with. When you receive a funding contract the project can start. After the service provider has completed your project you’ll receive the funding.

About NBSL

NBSL is a BIS approved Enterprise Agency and works to assist pre-start, new and existing business by providing information, advice and support on running and developing a business.

They are approved by BIS, Customer First and Investors in People. In addition to this they possess a team of skilled, experienced, SFEDI accredited Business Advisers who will work with you to support your business start-up or growth plans.


We look forward to working with you and hope that this funding goes a great deal towards getting your business an outstanding presence on the web.

If you would like to talk about the funding you can contact the NBSL on


Phone Icon01670 813322

Alternatively you can email one of our team through and we will give you as much help as we can in getting your business leaving its mark on the World Wide Web.



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