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July 6, 2017

Get Connected's business SEO guide - Paul Tweddle


Make Your Business The Top Of Google

Whenever you search for something like ‘restaurants‘, ink cartridges,’barbers‘ etc. Google determines your location and searches the web for services in your area that fit this description. Most of the time Google will flag up a business that fits your search on the right hand side (pictured left).

This really helps your business stand out from the rest of the standard text results displayed on the left hand side of the page. Not only does it provide potential customers with your google map location, directions, phone number and website link, it also takes up half of the page and showcases interior and exterior shots of your business.

It looks so much better than the average results.



In order to have your business displayed like this all you have to do is register a Google Business Account here.

After typing in your address, phone number and URL, a verification code will be posted out to you (usually within 4 days). Once you have entered this code on the control panel (pictured below) you will be able to add interior, exterior and team photos which really enriches your search results.

Google business Control Panel

Doing all of this is a brilliant way to make your business go to the top of the search results and receive extra hits and custom.

You should also register your business on Yelp, The Yellow Pages and The Chronicle directory. These are 3 free backlinks and listings that will also push your business when people search for you locally.

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