How To Write A Good Email Campaign

August 26, 2016


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Whilst Social Media is prevalent in marketing something today, you can still get a good return from a free email campaign. However, there are many pitfalls in doing so. Most of the time people just view emails they don’t recognise as spam. You have 2 seconds at most to entice someone to open the email and view what is inside. This is done by your subject line.

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How To Write A Good Email Campaign


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1) Get To The Point

Get to the point! Mailchimp conducted a survey that revealed that having a descriptive subject line was the best practice to take. This means avoiding things that make the email seem like click bait i.e.

“You won’t believe what deals we have on offer. Click to see.”

People instantly just view this as spam and delete it. You are far better off going with:

“Brand New Deal on BMXs. Prices starting from £100.”

I don’t know if that is what BMXs go for…but you get the point.

Whilst that joke was pretty terrible, it leads me to my next point.

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2) Be Humerous

EMAILS ARE BORING!!! No one wants dull email after dull email after dull email filling up their inbox. Make your subject line humorous and it will instantly stand out amongst the rest.

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3) Be Controversial

Writing a controversial or shocking subject line can also attract attention. Would you ever go past something like this?

“Your Marketing Is Absolutely Abysmal! You Really Need Help With It!”

Probably not, tailor it to your brand. If you’re a barber write:

“Your Haircut is terrible, get a new one!”

It’s a real gamble. However, it can pay off.

Experiment with Subject Lines in order to see which direction works for you and your business.

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How To Design A Good Email


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1) The Power Of HTML

First off, make sure you have an HTML ready email. This will really help yours look professional and above the standard text emails that so many people seem to send these days. HTML will allow you to have images, buttons, videos etc. You should really spend time focusing on making the email look as attractive as professional as possible. This will add authenticity to your email and product and will make it more like that people will click through.

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2) Mobile Friendly

Designing your email for mobiles is a MUST. Whilst it is good having an email that looks great on desktops, if it doesn’t work on mobiles then you are pretty screwed. 50% of people view emails now on mobile devices, so you are losing half of your audience if you neglect this point.

Make sure that your email sites within the 500-600 pixel width range. That way they should display correctly on most mobile and tablet devices.

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Content Writing For Emails


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No matter what you design and send, you have to make sure that the content is there. This is the most important thing of all. If the content is badly written then no one will want to know any more. This can be a real put off for people, if there are spelling mistakes or grammatical errors they become glaring in an email. Always make sure that your content is what you put the most time into.

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Test Your Email Campaign


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Test your emails, make sure they work on every possible device. Also make sure you monitor your analytics after sending out emails, this can show if they’ve been sucessful or not. It is important that you monitor how your emails are received very closely so that you can perfect a working formula that will yield success for you or your business.

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Clear Buttons And Call To Action

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Make sure your click through buttons are large, if anyone accesses the email on a mobile device they must be easy to click through to. Have a large and clear call to action, put it near the top and make it enticing. This should be the focus of your email so that people know exactly what it’s about and want to learn more.

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