Hygen UK

Hygen UK

The Project

We were commissioned to create a WordPress site that detailed the work of Hygen UK and their revolutionary Hydrostar technology. On the site we added a video background, and animated text along with a downloadable PDF brochure of the product.

As the sites main selling point is it’s technical product which must be manually fitted the information of the Hydrostar had to be condensed and spread across the site into different sections, this making it more understandable and digestable.

Mobile responsiveness was a large requirement for the website and the project required a way for customers to get in touch with the managing director of Hygen UK fairly easy. Thus a call now button was created which runs along the bottom of the screen. When customers log in on a mobile device they can just click this instead of going through the rigmarole of looking for details on a contact page. This streamlines the site greatly.

Recently an SEO campaign was developed for the site that included registering it on Google Maps, Creating a directory in the Yellow Pages and revamping major parts of the text so that they were search engine friendly.

Later we compressed the site so that it loaded quicker. As there are a lot of images and information this could have been a problem but we optimized the site perfectly.


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Online Brochure And Visual Information Page That We Update For The Company As And When Needed

Online Brochureand updating visual information page


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