Improve your Google Ranking – Old SEO vs New SEO

May 12, 2017

Improve your Google Ranking - Old SEO vs New SEO Improve your Google Ranking – Old SEO vs New SEO Old SEO vs New SEO

Boost your Google Position with the NEW methods

To improve your google ranking know that – what used to work now longer does. Since Google’s change over spamming sites and blog posts to build backlinks no longer works. Instead, Google now focuses on content, the more informative for your customers, THE BETTER.

When the change over happened many sites saw their ranking plummet overnight. This is because they were too meta-tag and keyword heavy. Keywords were just planted everywhere with no real thought rather than them being used to drive the content. However, sites that had built their brand socially: through blogs and posts; social media sharing; content. Flourished.

Creating content is easy to do and A LOT more fun than spending hours writing 12,000 meta-tag documents (trust me, I’ve been there).

Neil Patel has created this infographic below which outlines the key differences between the old ways of seo and the new ways.



What SEO Used To Be

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