Improve Your Website Ranking Easily (7 Simple SEO Tips)

July 29, 2016

Boost your search engine ranking Boost your search engine ranking Improve Your Website Ranking Easily (Simple SEO Tips)

Seo used to be a huge drag. I’ve sat at my computer for hours upon hours before just copying and pasting search terms into the meta tag section, bulking it up, so my website would appear slightly higher on google.


Thankfully, gone are those days.


Seo is now a lot more fun and the majority of rankings come from content.


Here are some simple things that you should include in every post to help boost your site up the search engines.

  1. Heading Tags: Most search engines rank your relevance from what terms appear in your heading tags. Focus on putting the 3 keywords that you want to rank for in your H1, H2 and H3. Google spiders will read this and from it rank you higher because it is clear your article is on the relevant subject.
  2. Images And Alt Tags: Adding an image to your post with an alt tag is also a great way of boosting your site. The search engine will read the alt tag and include your picture in the image result. This is another simple way of making your article rank higher and getting people to click through to your page.
  3. Write Relevant Content: Think of a keyword that is relevant for your website and write content on it. For example if you sell Bicycles do an article on why Mountain Bikes are better than standard bikes. Find a topic to write about and create it. If your customers ask you questions, write a post answering them. You should never sacrifice good writing for SEO. Always write your articles as if it was something that you would want to read.
  4. Post Content Weekly: Search engines don’t want to rank sites highly that haven’t been updated in years. These websites most likely won’t even still be running. The engines want to make sure that the websites they rank are still relevant and active. Therefore they monitor how often the website posts content. You should keep your website posting content weekly, just because it will help your users AND because it will show that your site is still in business.
  5. Bold And Italics: Highlight the important parts of your text in bold, this will show the focus of your article and website.
  6. Title And Meta Description: This really helps out, just make sure your page title and description contain the keywords. Keep your title to 70 characters and your description to 140 characters.
  7. Put Your Keyword in the URL: Another way of making your post stand out. Put your keyword in the url: i.e.

Doing these 7 simple thing to your previous and future posts will really help search engines rank your page on it’s content. Keep up these practices and over 6 months your website should really see the benefit.

By doing these simple things we have seen a lot of our websites rank on the first page of google for major keywords within 6-8 months.

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 Improve Your Website Ranking Easily (7 Simple SEO Tips)

Thanks, Paul

Paul Tweddle

Head Of Website Development At Get Connected


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