Increase Your Google Ranking without backlinks Increase Your Google Ranking without backlinks



Search engine optimisation is a big business within the internet age. There is huge revenue for having your website on Google’s first page. Before the change to SEO in 2010 the best way to get your page to the front was through meta tags. Nowadays sites are pushed through mainly backlinks. Many companies charge for this service and you can also take out advertisements on google which will present your page at the top in the Ad section. However, there are other things you can do on your page to help push it’s SEO ranking.



However we have come up with a list of the essentials to help Increase Your Google Ranking WITHOUT backlinks.



Follow our checklist to help boost your site.

Firstly, you must know your keywords, the best thing to do to find these is to start a google search and type a generic search for your business or product. The predictive text that comes up after you’ve typed the initial text is what people have searched for within the past 6 months.


Knowing this you should now:

  • Put your keyword(s) in the URL with NO UNDERSCORES (hyphens are fine).
  • Put your keyword(s) in your title tag, having your title start with the keywords will help.
  • The title tag should be less than 55 characters long.
  • Include your keyword(s) in your description tag and have this section be less than 166 characters.
  • All your images MUST have alt tags.
  • Put your exact keyword(s) in an image alt tag.
  • Put your exact keyword(s) in an image file WITH NO UNDERSCORES.
  • Add your keyword(s) to an H1/H2/H3 heading tag. Do not duplicate tags, vary keywords order.
  • Only use your keyword(s) 2-4 times.
  • Bold, underline or italicise your keyword(s).
  • Add your keyword(s) to a link.
  • Link your page to a sitemap and a mobile sitemap.
  • Don’t use flash.
  • Add a link to your Twitter, Facebook, Google + and blog.


Adding these simple things will help google index your page and rank it higher in their search engine. When Google recrawls your site your ranking should be increased. This can take up to about a week.

Good Luck.

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