SEO Tips And Tricks – 5 Trends For 2016

September 2, 2016

Keep Your Website Ahead Of The Curve With These 5 Seo Tips And Tricks for 2016


Keeping your website up to date is extremely important if you want to be or remain at the top of the search engine rankings. With these five SEO tips and tricks you can easily stay ahead of the pack in 2016.

1) Local SEO Is More Important Than Ever

SEO Tips

When you do a Google search, it bases what results you get on where you are located. For example if you search “Red Lion Pub” it aims to bring up the one that is most local to you instead of the other end of the country. This is why it is extremely important to let Google know your location through Google My Business.

You should also be listed on several directories as this will clarify your address and credentials and let Google know that you are who you say you are.

You can find our top 10 directories list here

If you have several bases of operation make sure to list all of these. This will ping you up on searches in several parts of the country.

Encourage people to leave reviews, places that have several google reviews also rank higher than businesses that don’t.

2) Show Off On Social Media

Seo And Social Media

The lines between social media platform and website are blurring. If you really want your website to succeed you have to begin integrating it with social media. Set up a twitter, facebook and linkedin page. Have these on your website so people can visit them from there and vice versa.

In future we expect Search Engines to begin indexing social media pages alongside your website. If you Google a company directly you may see that their Facebook page often appears along the top results. This stops your competition being raised as highly as you’re now in the top two results instead of just one. Do it with all social media platforms and you’ll soon be taking up a huge chunk of the first page.

3) Videos Of Your Services

Video Search Results Help Boost Your SEO

Google states that it likes to mix it’s search results between pages, images and videos. A great way of boosting your website’s profile is to post video content. This is not only an excellent marketing tool it is also a way of showing your product in multiple formats to hit all demographics.

4) Mobile Optimization

Online Envelope

Nowadays you MUST optimize your website for mobile devices. Google have updated their algorithm and stated that all websites that are mobile friendly will get a search ranking boost. If your site is not fit for mobiles and your competitors are then they will see the greatest improvements.

This tied in with the local search. People use their mobile devices to mainly search for local products. If you are local and mobile friendly then you will get increased traffic.

5) Make an App For Your Website

Make An App To Boost SEO

Studies have shown that 85% of people prefer using mobile apps to mobile version of websites. The best way to make your site accessible and friendly for mobile devices is to have your data transformed into an app. This will ensure that your website receives an SEO boosts on all platforms and it can truly get the benefit from being available to all users.

Though app development can be expensive, it is worth looking into if you want returning customers and a search engine boost.

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Paul Tweddle

Head Of Website Development

Paul Tweddle

SEO Tips And Tricks – 5 Trends For 2016

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  1. Thank you for making this post. As the co-owner of a Search Engine Optimization company, I find optimizing mobile websites, though gaining in popularity, still is often neglected, especially by older website developers.

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