30 SEO tips and tricks for small businesses SEO Tips and tricks for small businesses

Use These Tips And Tricks To Boost Your Rankings.

1. Market your site online and offline – talk to your customers about your website as often as you can. Have it labelled clearly on all your business cards and communication. Make sure it’s mentioned in your voicemail. Get people to hear its name.


2. Know your competitionuse a backlink checker like http://smallseotools.com/backlink-checker/ to see where your site ranks next to your competition. Try and use the same backlinks that they do.


3. Use SEO ScannersWhenever I write content I always run it through this http://www.daraghwalsh.com/seoscore/ this lets me know how SEO friendly my work is. It’s a great tool to give you a checklist on what you need to improve.


4. Register with directories Directories are a great way of boosting google authority. They confirm that you are what you say you are and google will recognise this and raise your domain.


5. Register your business with Google Use https://www.google.com/business/ to register your business. This will put it as a location on google maps and in the search result. Making your business really stand out.


Get Connected's business SEO guide - Paul Tweddle


6. A website is never finished Websites should never be finished. You should be looking constantly at ways you can write content, blogs, guides etc. Google ranks sites higher if they are updated weekly. You should also monitor abandoned cart activity. If people are going through the checkout process but not paying, go through it yourself to see why they might be stopping.


7. Follow up on abandoned cartsIf someone goes through the checkout process but quits, you should have their details. EMAIL THEM!!! Give them a 10% off coupon or something to guarantee they come back and use your site.


8. SEO Results aren’t instant Google often takes time to rank your site, this can be from a fortnight up to a month. The changes you add today may not show up for a while, so be patient.


9. Verify your siteVerify your site with https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/home?hl=en sign up to this and view which keywords bring your site up. Write these into your content.


10. Add sitemaps Add your sitemaps so google indexes your site better.


11. Get Google To Crawl Your Site Through the search console you can get google to crawl your site and index your pages. This will speed up the time that it takes to rank them.


12. Don’t rely on one source of trafficGoogle is great but don’t make this your only source of traffic. Make sure yahoo, bing, ask etc rank you so that your business isn’t vulnerable without Google. Make sure people visit your site without the use of search engines. Get them to know your domain, again, through word of mouth.


13. See if PPC is right for you Try Pay Per Click alongside your organic SEO. If it works for you and boosts sales exponentially, great, if you don’t see much of an improvement, it doesn’t matter, you can still use organic as it’s more important.


14. Create interesting content for PEOPLE Don’t write a blog thinking how a search engine will rank it, write it thinking how someone will read it and whether it will be helpful to them or not.


15. Ask someone Linkedin is full of SEO consultants who aren’t just trying to sell you things, talk to them and find out little things your site could do to boost it’s ranking. Message us if you’d like to consult about your SEO.


16. Don’t Let Your Site Go Offline Keep paying your hosting bills, if your site goes offline, even for a day, you lose your rankings and google must index it again. This process can take months and you could lose HUGE business from it.


17. Make sure you use alt tagsAll of your images should have alt tags. Search engines cannot see what images look like. However, they can read alt tags which describe the image. This is really important for e-readers and visually impaired people being able to use your site.


18. Place your keywords correctly The perfectly optimised page should have a keyword in the URL, The Page Title, An Alt Tag and in The content (either bold or italicized).


The perfectly optimised page


19. Don’t overuse your keywords This will make it look too spammy for google, like it has been written for search engines and not people, use your keyword 2-4 times.


20. Add a blog to your siteThis makes it simple to update your site and write short, quick content for readers.


21. Be social Share your content on twitter, facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. More people will click through these links than they will search for your content themselves.


22. Make sure your anchor link contains keywordsIf you get to the point where someone lets you post your content on your site don’t write ‘find our KEYWORD by clicking here (here being the link)’ write ‘our KEYWORD (and post the keyword as the link) can be found on our site’. This means that when people search for your keyword a link through to your site will show up because it is connected through that phrase.


23. Don’t copy content Google penalise sites that copy content from other places. Don’t even copy things from your own site. This will severely lower your ranking, be original, EVERYTIME! Your own content should be what your visitors want to see.


24. Link your content to Google + If you link your content to a google plus account this helps to verify you and improves rankings and click through rate.


25. Create videos and striking images People are more likely to share videos and pictures. Use these to really boost your rankings.


26. Be careful when buying backlinks There is a huge risk when buying backlinks, they may be low quality.


27. Try get high quality backlinks Low quality ones can be more detrimental than having none at all. Try to get your site on pages that are relevant to your business.


28. Build backlinks through your existing relationships Suppliers, partners, customers etc will often link your site if you ask them.


29. Link your homepage to your most important contentWhen items link directly from your homepage it shows that they are important to your site. Don’t do this with everything but when you want something to shine make sure it’s accessible from there.


30. Add your address and contact number on every page This tells google that you are local to an area, so when people search your keyword and your city, you will rank higher.


If you would like more information on SEO tips and tricks and ways to boost your Google Ranking you can email me at paul@getconnected.website or Contact Us

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