Streamlining Your Marketing Process – Web Design Weekly 15/07/16

July 15, 2016

Marketing Your Product

This week I have been working with My iPost, helping them to market their revolutionary postal software that lets you post letters from your computer.

This great software let’s customers just drag and drop a file into a Virtual envelope & send physical letters. From this point the encrypted file is collected by the ipost system, transmitted to a high security mail house, where it is printed, enveloped and collected by royal mail. It is then delivered by Royal Mail to the user’s chosen recipient, all for just 39p per letter.

Not only does this save huge amounts of money and down time for businesses, it also highly reduces their carbon footprint.

Here i’ve detailed the steps that we took in order to fulfill their marketing campaign. This guide will hopefully give you an idea of the kind of work we do and maybe inspire you to do something similar yourselves.

Flyer Design

Using our expertise in graphic design we crafted a flyer which was simple and informative. We then went about contacting the businesses.


Contacting Businesses

When marketing this we decided to go with a telemarketing and bulk email approach.

Bulk Email Campaign

email campaign


Initially we used Mail Chimp to send out an email campaign. This great bit of software is free to use and provides in-depth reports on opens, link clicking and who has bought something from the website due to the email.

This email contained the flyer and also had links to My iPost’s contact form and registration page.

Email campaigns these days are so common that there is rarely any gain from them because of how often companies use them. Though we saw some minor sign ups we decided to move to phase two of the marketing campaign.

Mail Out And Telemarketing Campaign


Closeup of a beautiful business customer service woman smiling


Using the addresses we had gathered from My iPost‘s partner company Franking Machine Ink, we sent out a mail out to 150 addresses through the iPost software.

We then proceeded to contact them by telephone over the next few days. This is a great way to connect a person with your business and it’s ideals. Often we would talk to people just as they received the flyer, this interaction helped for them to get detailed instructions from us over the phone whilst holding something tangible in their hands that they could look at.

This gained a greater response from the potential customers and we received more signups.


Further down the line we are aiming to use an animated video and social media marketing to really get this great brand across.

If you would like to talk to us about your marketing strategy, whether it be SEO, an email campaign, social media marketing or phone calls you can contact us at and we will work together to figure out which strategy is best for your business.


Thanks, Paul

Paul Tweddle

Paul Tweddle

Head Of Website And Online Marketing

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