June 3, 2016

Web Design Weekly Get Connected

Our Web Design Week


Well, what a busy week it has been in the wonderful world of web design for us. On Tuesday we were contacted by a old client Npost Franking (you may have seen their site in our work portfolio) who specialise in Neopost Franking Machine ink.


They had a Danish counterpart site which also specialised in ink cartridges and wanted not only seo work done, but some product addition to their e-commerce website.


This is the first international web design that we have done and we are really proud with how it has come out.




Get Free Backlinks


As none of our staff really speak any Danish (yet) it was a bit tricky for us. However we learnt the applicable terms and uploaded the new products, we also went through and added backlinks to all of their products to their existing British site whilst adding new graphics to make the site look slightly better.


In addition to this we asked some of the other sites that we had worked for to post a link to their products and they were really helpful.


This is one of the best ways to create backlinks for your website. Talk to people you know who already have sites, if they let you post a link it’s gonna really help build your page and boost your website on google.


Simple SEO strategies like this may seem obvious but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t use their network to boost their website ranking.



Npost Franking DK

If you’d like to see the site you can find it here – Npost Franking DK


If you would like to see a slightly more in depth description of the work we carried out you can visit our work portfolio page



If you need an upgrade to your Website (even if it’s in Danish) you can contact us or email us at orders@getconnected.website

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