What Your Website Shouldn’t Do What Your Website Shouldn't Do

Use Music

Remember in the days of Myspace, when you’d click on someones page and music would start blaring out of your speakers? You’d have to race to shut it up, scroll down the page to find where it was coming from and ultimately just end up closing the browser. That annoyance still applies with websites. Facebook took over Myspace in the social media game because it’s pages were all the same format and didn’t allow annoyances like sound to get in the way of visiting someones profile. Apply this ideology to your own website and your customers won’t be quick to close the tab on your business because they are sick of the sound of your site.


Use pictures without alt text tags

People with poor vision still use the internet just as much as everyone else. Having an alt text to your image means that when they scroll over it with their reader the picture caption is read out. If there is no alt tag then the user will not be able to read it and could miss out on valuable offers and information. Your site must be designed with accessibility in mind for all users. In addition to this google cannot read and index an image, their search engine only reads the text behind the image so it becomes doubly important.


Have everything crammed on one page

Having all the images, products, services and information on your home page will severely slow it down. Studies have shown that if a website takes more than 4 seconds to load then a visitor will click off it and go somewhere else. Having streamlined websites speeds up your page and it also means that viewers don’t have to scroll through information they don’t need just to get to what they are looking for. Breaking your site off into manageable chunks and using smart navigation will help visitors get about your site quickly and to the service they want.


Have inactive links

Checking your links on a regular basis is very important. Visitors will become frustrated if they click on something and it takes them to a 404 error page. It may also cut the sales and visitors to your site if customers can’t find exactly what they want just because a link isn’t directed properly. These problems are easy to remedy but can have huge consequences for your traffic.



Here at Get Connected we understand that websites must be designed with the above in mind.

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Paul Tweddle, Website Developer

Paul Tweddle