Why WordPress Is The Best Platform To Develop Websites On – Opinion

May 6, 2016

Why WordPress Is The Best Platform To Develop Websites On - Opinion

Beginning in Web Design

When I first got into website development, I was mainly using the standard drag and drop software that comes with sites like Wix, Weebly etc.

I’m sure you’ve seen them if you’ve been looking to build a site for your business or self.

Whilst these are good for just doing simple things if you really want your business to thrive you need to look into getting your website professionally built and the best way to do this is through WordPress.


 Why WordPress


I was often put off by WordPress, mainly because I was new to web design and their “five minute installation” took me about 2 hours to get my head around. I kept attempting it but because it didn’t indicate from the start that you needed to install xampp I just gave up.

I’d been lazy and just getting by on using drag and drop, hoping that we wouldn’t get handed any difficult projects and that I could sustain the knowledge that I had gained.

Then we got Card Occasions, similar to MoonPig, this site needed to be able to let customers upload photos from their Facebook, computer and Instagram. From this point they could add text to the images, position them and make their own greeting card.

Drag and drop wouldn’t cut it anymore and there was no way that these similar design sites were going to be able to handle anything near what needed to be done.

At first I looked at the customisable elements that the drag and drops offered and to be frank, they were terrible.

Customers had to write text in a box, then upload a photo by email and it would be at the shops discreation for how it looked.

The customers would end up taking a gamble, everything needed to be customisable on their end and they needed to see what the finished product would look like before purchasing.

We looked at outsourcing the project but it would end up costing more than we were being paid for the site.

Finally I bit the bullet, learned how to install WordPress properly through youtube videos and got it working.

Initially it was hard getting my head round the design side of WordPress but once I had it I was hooked.

There’s a reason companies like Apple, Sony and even The Royal Family use WordPress, simply put, it’s the best platform for website development out there.




With WordPress being built and sustained by developers you really can get plugins that do any job. Want an online shop? It’s easy. Want A click to call button on your mobile version? Yep. Need to build an SEO campaign? You got it. Video Background? No Problem.

Best of all, this can all be added and integrated for FREE.

WordPress has hundreds of thousands of free plugins that you can add to your site and your monthly hosting cost for it, roughly £2.99 per month, won’t go up.

Because it has been developed by developers for the developer community it is all built to help rather than cost.




We’ve found in the past that when adding an E-commerce option to your site (if built through wix etc.) monthly bills can sky rocket from approximately £6.99 a month to £29.99, before tax.

They then limits the amount of products you can have AND charge extra if you want to add more.

This is ok for businesses that already have a customer base, however, if you’re a new business this will increase your outgoings exponentially before you’ve even sold your first item.

With WordPress, you can add an online shop for free, add an seo campaign and monitor and track their results through dashboards and maintenance.

All of this is customisable and you can really change how your site looks on a whim.

They have so many themes that it’s hard to keep up, but there will be one out there that fit’s your idea exactly. This is so much better than seeing a template then having to build your site around that.

WordPress is now my preferred platform, if I’m not using it I can’t be as creative as I would like to be. You can really see the difference between these sites and ones built with simple drag and drop software.

If you want your site to do well and be the best it can be, WordPress is where it’s at. It costs more upfront but you will save SO much more money in the long run. There are really NO HIDDEN COSTS and you can make your site look so much better than the businesses who’ve went for the easy option. By taking it they will be losing money in the long run and will have to probably update and upgrade their site annually.

Contact us today for a quote on an upgrade to your website or for a new WordPress site for your business at orders@getconnected.website

Thanks, Paul

Paul Tweddle

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